Back Office Management Platform Features

E-BET Management

The platform is the backbone of the betting organization offering the direct management and administration of all bets accepted at any of the offered channels, such as the betting shops internet, mobile and telephone).

The advantages include:

  • Real-time bet management
  • Professional sports betting management
  • Accurate and automatic validation checks
  • Secure transactions and information processing
  • Increased control and efficient management
  • Support unlimited number of selections
  • Customizable & extendible bet types
  • Minimize the possibility of making mistakes
  • Perform automatic calculations

HW-BET (Handwritten forms) Management

Manage and control all HW-BET forms sent from betting shops.

The HW-BET features includes:

  • Approval and settling (incl. messaging exchange between shops and the operators)
  • Intelligent, automatic (rule-based) acceptance/cancelation/settling of bets sent from shops
  • HW-BET slip intelligent transcription support
  • Custom ruled-based commission settlement

Customer Management

Create and manage your customer database efficiently.

The feature includes:

  • Add/edit/view/delete customer details
  • Customer identity verification support
  • Customers relationship management and marketing utilities

Odds Management

This highly intelligent and dynamic feature for odds management provides:

  • Automatic Odds Management using external feed or custom made multilevel formulas
  • Leagues and Events Personalization (e.g. Leagues of interest)
  • OMR Coupon generation ( rule-based number assignment to selected coupon markets)
  • Realtime Odds monitoring & Comparison (e.g. against Betradar, Enetpulse, Betfair odds)
  • Prices editing and management (take offline/online, set minimum/maximum amounts)
  • Dynamic Report Design for Coupons
  • Odds & Results Reports Generation (Multi-language and incl. distribution to betting channels)
  • Automatic (rule-based) odds management
  • Integration with external feed services (e.g. Betradar and Enetpulse), to support (but not limited):
    • Events creation service
    • Resulting service
    • Basic or Full statistics service
    • Market Management
    • Live odds service

Events Management

The feature for events management provides:

  • Custom/manual events creation (other than traditional events)
  • Resulting
  • Basic statistics
  • Advanced statistics

Shop Management & Profiling

Manage and control your organization's betting shops, filter and generate reports and add special restrictions.

This feature offers:

  • Efficient shop management and administration
  • Risk monitoring & reports generation
  • Customizable bet limits, types, commissions

Multi-language and multi-currency support

user account management

The feature offers dynamic content generation (translation) of the system to the language and currency specified by each back office user.

Real-time Risk Management per customer, per shop, per event

Keep records and produce real-time risk management reports and notifications customized to serve your needs.

Create reports and filter results:

  • Per customer
  • Per shop
  • Per user
  • Per event

Transaction management & Reporting

This feature keeps 24/7 transaction history regarding bets accepted, won, lost, refunded, cancelled, commissions, payments etc.

P&L Calculations and Betting Firewall

Automatic pay and loss calculations are supported. Take fast and accurate decisions based on data collected from betting shops, internet, mobile and betting shops. Define rule as firewall betting rules that can stop the acceptance of a bet; define ruls based on your P/L, bet stake and payout, market, time, etc.

Online Sportsbook (Website) Content Management

Manage your Online Sportsbook content through interactive forms, easily and efficiently. Add announcements, promotions and change the ads easily. Take the oportunity to promote and design your strategy via the internet without depending on other people or tools.

Sports news website integration

Add sports news feeds from 3rd party providers so that the news content is automatically and human-effort-free updated.

Messaging & Notifications

Add customized messaging mechanisms between your shop agents, your back office (HQ) users, and your customers. Create your customized rule-based notifications and inform them via Teletext, Mobile, Shop Terminals, E-mail, etc.

Intelligent Trading Tool minimizing Risk

The intelligent trading tool offers the integration with other betting sites and odds providers:

  • Manual odds trading
  • Rule-based automatic odds trading

Royalty Client Card/Membership Support

Manage your royalty customers that are enrolled in the programme. The feature provides support for:

  • Simple use
  • Advanced use (integrated, synchronized with shop data)

Mobile Betting Support

Manage mobile users, content, offers. Add promotions and offers, select content that can be deliver to the mobile and optimize the betting experience by offering this betting channel.

Call Centre & Helpdesk Support

Manage the call centre users, accounts, menus and content through interactive forms. Create blacklist rules to eliminate security incidents, create queues (such betting queue, troubleshoot queue, new customers queue) to serve best your customer needs, integrate betting support with telephone system and helpdesk.

HQ User & User Privilege Management

Manage your HQ user accounts by specifying privileges and access rights to each user. This feature enables you to track the activities, changes and updated performed by each user.

Statistics & Reporting

Create statistics and reports:

  • For betting shops
  • For customers/users
  • For Website(s)
  • For betting channels

Profitability Analysis

Create and filter reports on bets, profits, losses and key figures on a 365/24/7 basis.

Teletext feeds generation

Feeds directly quality graphics on your HQ, shop televisions, or teletext provider's displays. Choose which information to show, where to show it and how you want to be displayed. The information is sent from the iBet platform or from 3rd parties data sources.

Accounting, Reconciliation and Audit trails

Keep financial accounting, balance sheets, debits, credits and audit records in chronological sequence for all the betting shops and the organization's transactions.