Financial Betting Shop Platform Features

Accounts management

Manage every financial aspect of your betting organization and control the transactions and cash flow between your betting shops and accounts.

The feature offers fully functional account management for:

  • Creating multi-level shop accounts
  • Managing and configuring user privileges and access rights
  • Creating parent and child accounts
  • Grouping accounts into categories
  • Managing the information and settings of each account

Sport Templates Management

Specify specific sports and sports attributes in templates. Templates include data such as commissions rates, bet rates, multilevel equations, which are assigned and configured specifically for each shop.

The advantages of this feature include:

  • Definition of custom sport templates
  • Assignment of sport templates to each account
  • Customization and configuration of each account
  • Dynamic equation based on sport and account attributes

Customized Shop Settings

Set up the customized commissions, bet rates, shared profits, bonus and tax rates for each shop.

Automatic Calculations

Integrated feature that performs automatically calculations for commissions, share profit, bonus and taxes. The feature improves analysis and control capabilities of the organization by performing accurate multidimension calculations.

Expenses Management per account

Calculate expenses for each account (incl. rent, electricity, static information, YTD transactions statement, B/F statement, outstanding open items, opening balance, movement/current balance, etc.)

Reoccurring Payment events support

Set up and stay informed regarding your reoccurring payment events daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Accounting, Reconciliation and Audit trails

Keep financial accounting, balance sheets, debits, credits and audit records in chronological sequence for all the betting shops and the organization's transactions.

Integrated with iBet Shop Betting System

The Financial Betting Shop Platform is integrated and synchronized with the iBet Shop Betting System so that manual data entry is not required.

Customized Reports and Alerts

Create customized reports for each shop including:

  • Account statements
  • Balances lists
  • Outstanding balances

Produce meaningful and accurate reports which you can act upon. Reports can be concise, to give you a complete snapshot (view of the status), or can be as detailed as you want them to be. Alternatively, you can set up your own business alerts and monitor these on a regular basis.

Financial Statistics

Keep and produce financial statistics per shop, per account, per sport, etc. The feature improves managerial and statistical reporting required for the organization. It also supports reports generation on an adhoc or regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) for the various needs and activities related to agents, customers, amounts, etc.