Mobile Betting Features

Mobile E-BET Support

a dedicated platform to browse opportunities and create E-BETs through mobile device

Offer your customers an online dedicated platform to browse opportunities and create E-BETs through their mobile device.

The advantages include:

  • Professional sports betting features
  • Real-time odds and updates
  • Automatic stake and maximum payout amount calculations
  • Secured transaction and information processing
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency
  • Access from anywhere and anytime
  • No installation required
  • Browse opportunities, create bet slips and place bets
  • Automatic validations and checks
  • Unlimited number of selections
  • Perform automatic calculations
  • Use live updates & feeds of prices and events
  • Get feedback on selections

Custom Mobile Application Design

Define your needs and customize your mobile application design and features.

Secure Payment Support

secure payment support for the betting system

Offer your players a reliable secure payment transaction method using credit cards, PaySafe cards, user accounts, or vouchers. The necessary data is sent under encryption policies to ensure end-to-end security.

Promotional Material

Create, edit and publish your promotional material to reach your customers through the mobile betting channel.

Receive Announcements & Notifications

Instant messaging services are provided for receiving announcements regarding offers, bonuses, odds, results, standings and rankings.

Search Engine

Provide your customers a search tool for searching and browsing teams, players, events, markets and presenting coupon prices.

Real-time Data Feed and Updates

Get and stay informed on updates and notifications for:

  • Sports and Leagues
  • Odds and Results
  • Standings and Rankings

The advantages include:

  • Instantly updates and notifications
  • Effectively searching, previewing and printing tools
  • Automatic updates from external data feed sources

User Profitability Analysis and Reporting

Inform your players with accurate reports and analyses for balances, placed bets, won bets, lost bets per user account.

User Account Betting and Transaction History

Inform your players with reports and history track on bets and historical transactions .

User Account Management

Mobile customers can register new accounts, manage their user account details and add restrictions for Responsible Gambling.

Multi-language & Multi-currency Support

user account management

The mobile platform's full content (language and currency) is generated according to the settings of each user.

Royalty Client Card/Membership Support


Enrol and reward royalty customers with membership cards, giving them the opportunity to earn points, rewards, and bonuses.