Shop Betting Features

HW-BET (Handwritten forms) Support

Use your existing HW-BET (handwritten) bet forms or request new customized HW-BET forms according to your needs. Specify the specific bet data (e.g., high stake amount) that need to be entered and validated by the system.

The feature offers you to:

  • Have full control over the betting process for HW-BETs
  • Scan and automatically validate your HW-BET forms
  • Communicate HW-BET data to the head quarters (HQ)
  • Approval and settling (incl. communication/messaging with HQ)
  • Integrate your extra custom validations (e.g., high stake amount)
  • Incoming & Outgoing messages
  • Alarms and notifications for unfinished approved requests

E-BET Support

e-bet betslip

An E-BET represents electronic bets created through dedicated terminals at betting shops or scanning OMR (Optical Magnetic Recognition) or Mark-Sense forms.

The feature offers you:

  • Professional sports betting actions
  • Accurate and automatic validation checks
  • Secure transactions and information processing
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency in betting
  • Real-time risk management
  • Easy E-Bet Creation/Printing/Placing/Settling/Cancellation
  • E-BET Editing and Validation
  • Support unlimited number of selections
  • Customizable & extendible bet types
  • Minimize the possibility of making mistakes
  • Perform automatic calculations
  • Use live updates & feeds of prices and events
  • Unique barcode assignment

OMR-BET (Mark-Sense) Form Support

Optical Magnetic Recognition (OMR) or Mark-Sense forms include the type of pre-defined betting forms filled-in by punters and scanned at the betting shop premises. The forms can be customized according to your needs and include any-type of bets upon request.

Additional features include:

  • Customized form design
  • Automatic reading/scanning with A4 Scanner
  • Minimize the possibility of making mistakes
  • Add your extra custom validations on the OMR Form (incl. integration with E-BET)

Barcode Reader & Bet Slip (A4) Scanner Integration

The integrated scanning services offered supports everything:

  • HW-BET forms
  • OMR-BET forms
  • Barcodes from bet slips and receipts

An all-in-one A4 compact scanner with elegant design and high performance is conveniently used for reading customized betting slips and receipts.

  • Cost-effective, faster form & receipt reading
  • Perform intelligent validations that generate understandable error messages

Send and Receive Announcements

Instant messaging services are enabled for sending announcements regarding updates on odds, results, standings and rankings from your organization's head quarters (HQ) to the betting shops. Alarms can be set up and requests can be communicated from your betting shops to your organization's head quarters (HQ) and back.

The feature offers you:

  • Setting up automatic/manual-triggered notifications & alarms
  • Get notified on expiring requests

Real-time Data Feed and Updates

Get and stay informed real-time on updates and notifications for:

  • Sports and Leagues
  • Odds and Results
  • Standings and Rankings

The advantages this feature offers:

  • Instantly get updates and notifications
  • Effectively perform searching, previewing and printing
  • Automatic data feed from external sources

Offline Bet Support

One of the most requested features - offline support - is available for betting shops. In other words, betting shops can place bets without an internet connection. Data is stored locally and then sent to the betting organization's head quarters (HQ) once the internet connection becomes again available.

Operation modes offered:

  • Semi stand-alone operation mode for new, customized and low risk bets
  • Full stand-alone operation mode - telephone can be used for performing additional validations

Shop Report & Receipt Generator

Custom reports and receipts are automatic and upon request generated:

  • Create and print reports
  • Integration with thermal printer and A4 printer
  • Customize Reports & Receipts

Profitability Analysis and Reporting

Keeps and produces accurate reports and analyses for placed bets, cancelled bets, refunded bets, won bets, lost bets, commissions and taxes per shop.

Betting & Transaction History

Keeps and produces reports for bets and transactions performed per shop.

Shop Accounting and Audit Trails

Keep financial accounting, balance sheets, debits, credits and audit records in chronological sequence for each betting shop.

Shop User Management & Privilege Management

Obtain convenient management of user accounts for each betting shop by specifying privileges and access rights to each shop user. This feature enables you to track the productivity rate and calculate the bets completed by each user. It can be optionally setup to request permission from users to access the terminals through security pin codes and lock terminals unattended for a pre-defined period.

Customer Management

Organize and manage your shop customers efficiently and keep track of their records.

Multi-language & Multi-currency Support

user account management

The feature offers dynamic content generation (translation) to the language and currency specified most recently by each shop user and remembers this setting every time the system is used by the same user.

Extra Displays Support

Project directly quality graphics on your shop televisions, LCD or customer displays.

Examples of projections:

  • Preview prices, results and promotions on TVs
  • Preview Stake amounts on Simple Customer Display
  • Preview Bet slip (Simple or LCD Customer Display)
  • Interactive display so that the customer can edit the E-BET (LCD Display)

Royalty Client Card/Membership Support

Enrol and reward your royalty customers with membership cards. Your customers can earn points, rewards, and bonuses. Customers can redeem or use their points through the various betting channels offered.

Self Service Terminals Software and Integration Support

The integrated self service betting terminals offer to your customers a secure, user-friendly and convenient environment to browse opportunities and complete betting operations without the help of an agent.
Added features:

  • Browse opportunities, create bet slips and place your bet
  • Place payment using your coins and bank notes
  • Place payment using your credit card, PaySafe card, central user account, or voucher