Telephone Betting Features

Telephone Betting Support

Offer your customers a dedicated call centre to perform direct betting operations, deposit and credit accounts, check their bet slip status and get informed about the latest sport results.

Multiple Callers Support

The call centre handles multiple users calling at the same time.

Customized Navigation Menus

Your custom menus (dial plans) are created upon specifications. The customization includes the definition of the starting point of the calls, the available options and results from each option, as well as the results from entering wrong options.

User Authentication

Customers are always authenticated before granted access to bet through various security procedures.

Secure Transaction Support

Customer transactions are performed securely and at all times all required data are saved. Sensitive information is provided through secure and encrypted mechanisms to ensure data protection.

Results and Odds

The call centre offers customers direct information and update on events results and odds.

Profitability Analysis and Reporting

The call centre keeps and produces accurate reports and analyses for placed bets, won bets, lost bets per user account.

Betting & Transaction History

The call centre keeps and produces reports for bets and transactions performed per user account.

Shop Accounting and Audit Trails

The call centre keeps financial accounting, balance sheets, debits and credits for each user account.

User Account Management

The call centre management feature offers convenient control of user accounts (including operators, callers-customers-and administrators) and allows specifying privileges and access rights to each user. This feature enables you to track the productivity rate and calculate the bets completed by each operator and customer.

Multi-language & Multi-currency Support

user account management

The call centre is available for different configurable languages and currencies.